About Vestibule

Vestibule is a multi-disciplinary independent creative studio.

We’re the studio you didn’t know you knew. Quietly creating original works for almost two decades, straddling a broad range of creative applications and outputs.

We bring together deep visual culture heritage and design experience, with progressive and daring uses of new technologies.

We work in an exploratory and research-driven way with new technologies, always finding new and often surprising ways to generate and execute ideas with our collaborators. 

Our work is a continuous iteration of ideas, all with equal value, so we make no distinction between used and unused, sketches and full projects. You’ll see a continuous stream of both here. All ideas have value (even for future ideas).

You’ll notice a distinct style and intention to our work. Its born of both a deep understanding of culture, but also from existing between cultures, worlds and realities.
Deep Learning sculpture from The Red Earth Project.